My five Ws

Your days are long but your time flies by. Your rhythm is intense, your focus, constant. And your brain is restless.

Welcome to your late 20s, darling. In a new job, a new country and a new self – the “am I a grown up yet?” self.

I don’t really know who that is. I want to party and not be hangover. I want to joke and be taken seriously. A dumpster bike that won’t break down. Endless runs that won’t hurt. A nice flat, with a low rent. A big car, without the parking part. A free schedule, a year-long hike, a transatlantic – and a life plan.

Limbo. I’m no student anymore, no junior, yet incredibly so. Ten projects, ten lives, tackling a world that only becomes bigger.

What, where, when, why, who with?

As the questions keep coming, I think I may have found some answers. Only a couple of bulletproof convictions. I don’t know the details, my exact ambitions, my exact locations, my exact companions, but I know what matters most to me.

And whatever comes next, I only hope it brings more questions, more answers – and a better bike.

“As the years went on, I realised that what I really want to be, all told, is a human. Just a productive, honest, courteously treated human” – Caitlin Moran

My five Ws

2 thoughts on “My five Ws

  1. As special as you are… Just enjoy every moment and keep smiling my darling. Life will come full of new surprises and gifts 😉


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