A little bit of my heart

There is a little bit of my heart in every piece of salty butter I ate

In every dish my mum prepared

Every project my dad made

Every attention she paid

Every rock he turned

Every castle built 

Every hug shared 

With my sisters – my sisters

Every time we refrained from crying

And every time we went for it

Every grain of sand

Olive and laurel trees

Oak leaves, beloved oak leaves

Evening light shining through the branches

Morning coffee, knowing he’d have gone to the bakery already

Late strolls, knowing we’ve found our own little slice of paradise

My heart is full, so full, over flowing

But broken from leaving again

My love for all of you, all of here

Will never stop

No matter where I return home to

I’ll always cry a little when boarding the train

I’ll always leave a little bit of my heart here 

A little bit of my heart

One thought on “A little bit of my heart

  1. my beautiful friend!! you have the magic of finding the right words & giving them more weight. keep writing this summer – I am inspired to do the same!! (-rag)


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