The injunction

I’m never quite sure

Should I relax, take a moment for myself

Or work on my dreams, sleep when I’m dead

Isn’t it hard to find the middle ground, the fine line between

Being lazy

And hyperactive

When did just being stop being enough?

Just existing?

Expectations coming at me left and right

Parents hoping for the next steps

Colleagues asking for more, and more

Friends, family, society

Want more presence, more conscience

Are they really coming at me though

These expectations

Or am I putting them on myself

Waking up wondering how to make the most of each day

When I could just breathe and be

Feeling exhaustion, or restlessness

And little of the space in between

It’s only there, in that space

That I can find peace of mind

I should try and explore it

That space, that empty space

That doesn’t have to be filled, doesn’t ask anything

Just breathe and be

The injunction


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